Curriculum - The Arts

The Arts at WEPS provides rich learning experiences across music, visual art, dance, drama and media from Foundation to Grade 6.  Using the Victorian Curriculum, we strive to integrate these areas of the arts to complement one another and also develop and strengthen students' competencies in creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, citizenship and critical thinking. 

In Arts, students explore, express themselves and practice by observing & viewing famous & local artists as well as their immediate environment to inspire their work. They imagine, improve, experiment and create art both in teams and independently to develop their skills and knowledge of the arts.  They will build skills and rehearse to present and perform their work both to their class, learning communities and publicly through using the collaborative inquiry cycle of 'think, plan, do and reflect'. Furthermore, students will respond to and interpret works of art to build an appreciation of art, inspire their own work, find purpose in learning arts and develop their own opinions of art.

At WEPS we provide additional learning opportunities in The Arts, including school band, band training, senior school choir and baton twirling for grades 3-6 & music academy & junior school choir for Foundation - Grade 2.

We also offer instrumental lessons in guitar and keyboard through The Jammin' Factory for every year level.