Extra-curricula - Kitchen Garden

Warrnambool East Primary School’s Kitchen Garden Program is aligned with our 3/4 department. Each class participates for a duration of 5 weeks with an inquiry focus of ‘How does an edible garden contribute to a healthy lifestyle?’
The students spend the first 4 weeks participating in hands on learning gardening sessions where they learn about planting seedlings and seeds, watering, fertilising, maintenance, pest control and harvesting.
In the classroom students research a question of their choice about gardening and/or food handling. During the 5th week students participate in a kitchen cooking session in which they work collaboratively to prepare a range of meals from their harvested produce. The result is a ‘Shared Table’ in which the students, volunteers, helpers and parents sit down and enjoy a meal together that they have prepared together.

 The students were involved in the layout of the gardenbeds, tending to the plants, harvesting the crops, preparing the harvest for eating and eating the final product.