Our School - Communication between home and school

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives - parents, teachers, and other family and community members work together to encourage and support them.

An effective home-school partnership is a working relationship between teachers, family and student that leads to positive academic and social outcomes. Families and schools acknowledge their investment in children and work together to achieve common goals and take equal responsibility for children's learning.

Research has shown that a home-school partnership improves student academic achievement and increased school attendance. Teachers, and parents also have been seen to benefit from this relationship too. Parents have gained greater confidence in parenting and increased interest in their personal education and career. teachers on the other hand, feel more supported, appreciated and have a higher morale from having a good relationship with parents. 


Seesaw is a digital platform used by every classroom, which allows families to use the Seesaw family app to view their child's work, leave comments, receive class announcements and exchange private messages with teachers.


Compass is an online communication and management platform used for recording student attendance, sending semester 1 and 2 reports and communicating between home and school ie - newsletters, permissions and other notifications. Parents and guardians can easily and effectively use Compass to access this information. The Compass app gives busy parents access to everything they need to know.

Please note, teachers will only reply to parents during appropriate work hours between 8am and 6pm.