Our School - Our team 2023

Foundation Learning Community- Veronica Couch (Learning Community Leader), Sally Kilpatrick, Kimberley Leach

Year 1/2  Learning Community - Wendy Atchison (Learning Community Leader) Essie Rogers / Michaela Allender, Bridget Hall, Keely West, Adrian DeLandre, Ben Wormald

Year 3/ 4 Learning Community - Flynn Gleeson (Learning Community Leader), Emma Collishaw / Georgie Hall, Ali Smith, Suzanne Seniore / Maddi Hoy, Ellie Cuolahan, Nick Richardson

Year 5/6 Learning Community - Jeremy Gillies (Learning Community Leader), Chelsea Aberline, Katlyn Pitt, Bree Porter, Christie Locke, Shannon Dillon

Education Support – Jacquie Durbidge, Naomi Klose, Lisa Kearns, Kylie Fowler, Tiffany Flynn, Lisa Remine, Julieanne Frusher, Kerry Pigott, Maureen Wormald, Meredith Anderson, Tania Billington

Physical Education Teacher -  Karl Burton. 

Science Specialists - Kerry McCarthy / Nadine Frankel

The Arts - Isaac Doak

Humanities –  Ellie Clarke / Karen Harradine

Learning Specialists (Teaching and Learning) – Michaela Allender (Foundation – year 2), Chelsea Aberline (year 3-6)

Wellbeing Team – Lesley Keilar (Wellbeing Leader) James Chapman (Youth Mentor), Kerry McCarthy (Engagement and Mental Health Support)

Administration Team-  Lynn Goldstraw and Sue Smit

School Grounds – Jimmy Boxer

Business Manager – Leanne Ross

Leading Teacher (Teaching and Learning) – Ev Baulch

Assistant Principal - Ann Dwyer

Principal - Marina Milich