Curriculum - Physical Education

 Health and Physical Education 

At WEPS, The Health and Physical Education curriculum is organised by two strands: Personal, Social and Community Health, and Movement and Physical Activity with the following substrands:

  1. Being healthy, safe and active
  2. Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
  3. Contributing to healthy and active communities
  4. Moving the body
  5. Understanding movement
  6. Learning through movement


  • Alcohol and other drugs 
  • Food and nutrition
  • Health benefits of physical activity
  • Mental  health and wellbeing
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Safety
  • Active play and minor games
  • Challenge and adventure activities
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Locomotor and non-locomotor skills
  • Object control skills
  • Games and sports address the development of movement skills, concepts and strategies through a varitey of games and sports. The games and sports focus area builds on learning in active plan and minor games and fundamental movement skills.
  • Lifelong physical activities Rhythmic and expressive movement activities.

Our exceptional award winning Physcial Education teacher facilitates and delivers most of the program, however the health areas are also supported by the classroom teachers, willbeing team and the Respectful Relationship curriculum. The dance and movement is also supported by the ARTS program. Games and sport are encouraged by classroom teachers too.

Community sport and opportunities to learn new sports within the community is encouraged: lawn bowls, tenpin bowling, table tennis, golf, Taekwondo etc. This is supported by the Sporting Schools program. All students in grades 4/5/6 have the opportunity to compete in district sports competitions and athletics.

The swimming and surf awareness (grade 4) is organised by the school but facilitated by external providers.

A highlight of our PE program is in the grade 6 skipping extravaganza...something they look forward to in their final year at WEPS.

Students are expected to have a high rate of physical activity each day during the school day. as a school we are involved with the Healthy together Achievement Program which supports healthy eating, drinking of water, increased physical activity. The components are:

Physical Activity, Sun Protection, Safe Environments, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Sexual health and wellbeing, Tobacco, Alcohol and other drugs. Healthy eating and oral health.