Curriculum - Positive Education

Positive Education: Our Purpose Statement

Positive Education at Warrnambool East Primary School draws on an ongoing framework that supports and applies positive psychology and teaching practices to enable learning and the individual to flourish

The focus of embedding Positive Education into the Warrnambool East Primary School community (staff, students and families) is on gaining an innate awareness of positive psychology and the impact it has on education. 
The science behind positive psychology has shown that positive education can have a significant and lasting impact on wellbeing including;

-         A reduction in anxiety and depression.

-       Increased motivation and engagement in learning

-       Maintaining and nurturing healthy and positive relationships

-       Increased self control through Mindfulness

-       Developing an awareness of our Character Strengths where high functioning and performance are enabled through the ways we think, feel and behave.

Learn It

The Positive Education philosophy at WEPS wouldn’t be possible without the provision of resources, research methods (texts, videos, TED talks and professional readings) and practical skill development amongst our staff. In providing a rich, positive environment where learning and wellbeing of our students is paramount, staff are well equipped with the understanding of Positive Education. 

Live it

Staff at WEPS endeavour to live by the principles that nurture our own well-being and the well being of others. Implementing Positive Education is more than just delivering a curriculum in the classroom – it is the deliberate practices of positive education within our daily lives that cultivate our personal and professional relationships.  Our staff are encouraged to actively work on their own well-being and incorporate the common language and common beliefs of Positive Education before effectively teaching it to our students.

Teach It

After immersing ourselves into learning and living the core values and domains of Positive Education, our staff are ready to implicitly and /or explicitly teach using the foundations of positive psychology in education. With the key language, knowledge and skills to empower our students, our staff understand the importance of the positive wellbeing to enable learning to flourish.

Embed It

In committing to our beliefs of Positive Education throughout our school community requires an integrated approach with meaningful action and purposeful focus. We acknowledge the many benefits of Positive Education at WEPS and the impact it has on our school culture. Our philosophy in the way students, staff, parents and stakeholders relate to one another is the fundamental underpinning of Positive Education throughout all facets of school life at WEPS.