Extra-curricula - Science

At Warrnambool East Primary School, we believe science provides a way of answering interesting and important questions about the world. The students learn in a dynamic, collaborative, and creative way by exploring through hands on investigations, making predictions and solving problems.

Our school has a strong focus on the contribution of science to our culture and society, and how it applies to our lives. This in turn helps the students to make informed decisions about local, national, and global issues encouraging interest in potential future pathways relating to science.

Our science specialist program is based on the Victorian Curriculum and extends to social and community science. Our unique program holds partnerships with Deakin University, Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria, Fisheries and Wildlife and more. We draw on the knowledge of these professionals, to upskill both the students and teachers and connect to real life learning experiences. During this time the students are developing an ability to solve environmental problems and make informed, evidence-based decisions about current and future applications of science, while taking into account ethical and social implications of decisions.

We are proud of our science program and all that it offers from our junior, middle, and senior students.

 Inspiring Young Scientists

The 'Inspiring Young Scientists' program highlights a unique partnership with Deakin University and provides opportunities for our students to work collaboratively with 'real' scientists to undertake authentic research in our local marine and estuarine environments.  We have had a strong partnership with Melbourne Zoo since we were a pilot school for their Seal the Loop  marine entanglement community awareness program in 2014, and have worked on several projects together, including the development of our Endangered Species Garden in 2022. Other partnerships that have grown from the Inspiring Young Scientists program include ones with Parks Victoria, Warrnambool City Council, and our local Beach Patrol.