Our School - What People Say About Our School

Warrnambool East Primary School regularly receives emails, letters, phone calls providing praise and feedback on our school on our students’ behaviour, attitude and work. These are just a sample:

'The schools runs such valuable programs to assist children in all areas of learning and life'. (School Parent)

'Flying Start was a fantastic way to build my child's confidence in a school environment'. (Kinder Parent)

'My daughter loves her warm, friendly supportive prep teacher and all the teachers she loves too. This is the best start to school'. (Prep Parent)

'I appreciate that my child is given the opporytunity to learn and play in a safe, clean, happy environment'. (Parent)

'What I love about  Warrnambool East Primary School the most is using all the technology at school because it makes me want to learn. The teachers are really good, fun, they help you if you are stuck and encourage us to try hard. We are lucky because we have beautiful grounds to run and play in.'  (Year 6 Student)

'Our school is like 'Fun 4 Kids' everday.' (Jaxon, Year 1/2 student)

‘It was evident to me that the school is characterised by a positive and proactive culture where students are engaged and connected to their learning. Congratulations to everyone involved!’ (Dr Sonia Sharp Deputy Secretary DEECD)

Schools like Warrnambool East Primary School do not support students to fully engage and extend their skills, knowledge and capabilities by accident. Professional teachers, professional leadership and management are the foundation upon which success is built. Many thanks for your fine work and of course…. The gardens are magnificent!  (Dr Sonia Sharp Deputy Secretary DEECD)

"We are proud at Warrnambool East Primary School of our wonderful students, teachers and support staff - our school community.  Together with the innovative and inclusive teaching programs, they create a positive environment for everyone.  Our fabulous grounds and gardens add to and enhance the nurturing, welcoming and friendly feel of the school."  (Bronwyn Patel, Ex School Council President)

‘As the parent of a child with special needs, I appreciate how hard the support staff at WEPS work. My child’s teacher and aides have identified his strengths and challenges and with their guidance and perseverance he is thriving. What a comfort it is for our family to know that these dedicated staff members are facilitating a nurturing environment for our son to reach his full potential’. (Parent)

'Warrnambool East Primary School is a welcoming, safe clean school with wonderful, nurturing teachers and caring backup staff'. (Parent)