Our School - Parent comments

As parents of two primary aged children at WEPS, we feel lucky to have found a school that brings out the best in them. Their teachers are connected and invested not only in their education, sporting and musical endeavours, but also in their development as people. We believe WEPS will provide a great foundation for our kid’s future. - Parent
Our main reason for selecting WEPS was due to location, as its the closest school to our home. (Easy walking distance in fact).  We did however choose to live in this area of town for other reasons, in that it’s on the nicer side of town, and we believe the school reflects this perfectly, and we couldn't be happier. The grounds and gardens and overall aesthetics of WEPS are so inviting, and in my opinion this amount of care happens inside of the buildings as well. Cleanliness means good organisation. Principal selection gets a big double thumbs up from us also. We had the pleasure to watch Michelle Bickley operate the school, and now we get to experience the joys and professionalism Marina Milich brings. Again, we couldn't be happier.  - Parent
Initially when we arrived/toured WEPS we were struck by the size and conditions of the grounds. Just spectacular!! In addition, the little prep play area, just to themselves, also gave that little bit of extra comfort for the first year that the little ones had their own space to settle into school.
But foremost that was present to us as parents at the information night, was the teacher's passion for the kids and their growth & learning. It was evident immediately, with one teacher even a little emotional when relaying her pride in the students moving through that year's prep grade. We know, whatever presents us and our kids through school life, the team at WEPS has the kids interests front of mind, always! - Parent