Our School - Our School

Warrnambool East Primary School is nestled beside the southern ocean in spacious and child inspired gardens and grounds.  Check out Google maps!  Play times are very special at our school - with of plenty of space and great outdoor playgrounds-  there is a place for everyone, big or small to play and have fun.  

Warrnambool East P.S. is a very exciting place for students with a stimulating learning environment and a diverse curriculum for 500 students in years prep (Foundation) to year 6.  Everyone works together to make Warrnambool East a fun, safe and caring place to go to school. 

Warrnambool East P.S. is a science specialist school and in a unique partnership with Deakin University Marine Science and Education Faculties, we  explore local marine environments and learn about educational pathways that link primary schooling through to tertiary education.  The philosophy of life-long learning and providing an education for life is significant for everyone.

We are one big team at Warrnambool East P.S. and we are proud of our school and we show this everyday by aiming high,  following our school values and wearing our uniform with pride.  

Warrnambool Bus Lines provides services to our school, with students from outlining farming communities and across Warrnambool attending our school.