Wellbeing - Sensory Program

What is a Sensory Program?

Sensory rooms are nurturing, student-centred sensory environments that focus on particular senses (vision, sound, smell, taste and touch) and more abstract senses such as wellbeing, space or togetherness. This happens in many ways: visual, sound effects, tactile experiences, vibrations, aromas, or music. The goal of the sensory program is to address the primary senses to enable improved learning outcomes

Why might schools need Sensory Programs?

To assist students with...

·         Organisation

·         Self regulation

·         Relaxation

·         Communication

·         Stress Release

...to better equip them to cope in mainstream classroom settings and therefore, participate more positively and successfully in their learning.

Who is involved?

Students whose sensory processing is impacting on their participation in education. The aim is to enable students to remain in their classrooms, and focused on their learning – therefore the ability to better self regulate, and to remain calm and focused is the goal for each student participating in the sensory program.