Our Students - Home Groups

Students are organised in Home Groups across the school for key learning in English, Mathematics, Inquiry Learning (inquiry incorporates the domains of the Victorian Curriculum) and for specialists classes in Science, Physical Education and The Arts. The Home Groups combine for special acitivites such as buddies, excursions, camps, swimming, music and performances.  In 2021 our Home Groups and teachers are:

Foundation - Ali Smith / Michaela Allender, Bridget Hall, Ellie Clarke. 

Year 1/2  Team - Ev Baulch / Essie Rogers, Nikki Calderwood, Sally Kilpatrick, Kimberley Leach, India Thomas, Wendy Atchison.

Year  3/ 4 Team - Shannon Dillon, Jeremy Gillies, Christie Smith, Flynn Gleeson, Jess Turland-Rhook, Terri Hibbert / Jodie Abbott.

Year 5/6 Team -  Michelle Bartlett, Brendan McCosh, Emma Croft, Karl Burton, Brydie Harman, Chelsea Aberline.

Physical Education Teacher -  John Millard  

Science Specialists -Nadine Frankel and Kerry McCarthy  

The Arts - Isaac Doak

Principal - Ann Dwyer

Assistant Principal - Ev Baulch