Our Students - Home Groups

Students are organised in Home Groups across the school for key learning in English, Mathematics, Inquiry Learning (inquiry incorporates the domains of the Australian Curriculum) and for specialists classes in Science, Physical Education and The Arts. The Home Groups combine for special acitivites such as buddies, excursions, camps, swimming, music and performances.  In 2016 our Home Groups and teachers are:

Foundation - Mrs Chelsea Aberline, Ms Ellie Merrett and Ms Louise McLean

Year 1/2  Team - Ms Christie Smith, Mrs Karen Harradine, Mrs Michaela Allender, Ms Nicole Colee, Mrs Ann Tieppo, Ms Jess Turland-Rhook, Ms Hayley McNeill

Year  3/ 4 Team - Ms Maryrose McElgunn, Mrs Sharon Shanley, Ms Hannah Davis & Mrs Rebecca Etherton, Mr Jack Ryan, Mr Liam McCracken

Year 5/6 Team - Mrs Ann Dwyer, Ms Karen Holdsworth, Mr Jeremy Gillies, Mrs Wendy Nestor, Ms Michelle Bartlett

Phyical Education Teacher - Mr John Millard  

Science Specialists - Mrs Nadine Frankel and Mrs Kerry McCarthy  

The Arts - Ms Brianna Kavanagh

Principal - Michelle Bickley-Miller

Assistant Principal - Robyn Ledin