Wellbeing - THRIVE AT WEPS

Student wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. Student wellbeing is as a state of positive psychological functioning that allows students to thrive, flourish and learn. Wellbeing improves students' academic performance, behaviour, social integration, and satisfaction. At WEPS, wellbeing is promoted through excellent classroom teaching and learning and our positive school culture.    

THRIVE@WEPS is a framework that encompasses our approach to promoting student wellbeing and positive mental health in all aspects of school and home life. THRIVE@WEPS connects 4 evidence based, highly impactful approaches – Positive Education, 6 Principals of Nurture, Respectful Relationships and Zones of Regulation. These approaches provide our students with the knowledge and understanding of wellbeing and mental health, life skills to manage their own wellbeing and mental health and how they can positively impact and support the wellbeing and mental health of others.

Positive Education

Positive Education at Warrnambool East Primary School draws on an ongoing framework that supports and applies positive psychology and teaching practices to enable learning and the individual to flourish.

The science behind positive psychology has shown that positive education can have a significant and lasting impact on wellbeing including;

-       A reduction in anxiety and depression.

-       Increased motivation and engagement in learning

-       Maintaining and nurturing healthy and positive relationships

-       Increased self control through Mindfulness

-      Developing an awareness of our Character Strengths where high functioning and performance are enabled through the ways we think, feel and behave.